Office music wars comes to an end

Office music

You love to listen to music while working Most of us do.
Some of us even enjoy sharing our love of music with our fellow office members and crowning ourselves as the office DJ.
No doubt that listening to music together while working is boosting your day to day experience at work, let you discover new music and unlock some hidden personalities of the people that share the same room or the same floor with you.

If so, this scenario will sound familiar to you:

Jane loves electric guitars surrounding her while working. Michael from the left shore of the cubicle prefers the old side of country music.
They both like to be the office DJ and share their love to music with their fellow workers.

Well, we will stop right there, since this is where it gets ugly.

Why not let Jane, Michael and yoursel — yes you dear reader –an equal chance to get into co-workers’ ears and hearts? to the rescue! is a real-time playlist collaboration platform.
1. Create your office’s BeatRoom
2. Invite your co-workers to join
3. Let the party begin!

Each one of you can add music to the playlist while BeatSense makes sure to split the queue equally.
And the beauty doesn’t ends here. The only way to skip a song is by reaching a majority of -3 down-votes.

Party on!



Author: BeatSense is the YouTube for music lovers. Discover great music by, and with real people, in a single click. FREE and in real-time!

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