Who (or what) decides on what we are listening to?

Hissing, crackling and popping sounds can be heard behind the music, a song may be cut short by a BeatRoom owner whose feels the need to shift the mood or take the music down a new path, or a listener may suggest a new direction that opens up a whole different path for others to explore.

This happens at BeatSense.com. And did happen once in radio.

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Early Days of Dallas FM Rock

In 1969, when I was 14 years old, something wonderful happened to radio in the Dallas area. It was the advent of underground rock stations with the debut of Jon Dillon at KFAD 94.9 (Arlington/Cleburne) and soon after KNUS (Dallas) with Mother, Mike “Murphy” Erickson and other radio hippies. KNUS was a sister station of AM’s KLIF, the Mighty 1190.

Even in our early teens, we were very picky and snobbish about the music we liked.