Eclectic finds

Most of the stuff that I’m putting up on these days is newer. And I’m finding a wonderful cross-pollination of the genres these days. That makes for a great musical experience in my orbit. What I share is quite arbitrary of course and does go quite wide. I appreciate others input to the flow that I like to create of all genres, mainstream or just plain hanging out there on the edge.

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Leonard Cohen: Music survives both life and death

Flowers, mementos, and an eighties style cassette boom box fill the entranceway to the modest house which was Leonard Cohen’s home for much of his life in Montréal. People quietly assembled, came and went during days following his passing, not so much in pain but in a kind of dark optimism mixed in with a joyousness that retained the fleshy realities of life.

Leonard Cohen life
Leonard Cohen in a personal moment

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Who (or what) decides on what we are listening to?

Hissing, crackling and popping sounds can be heard behind the music, a song may be cut short by a BeatRoom owner whose feels the need to shift the mood or take the music down a new path, or a listener may suggest a new direction that opens up a whole different path for others to explore.

This happens at And did happen once in radio.

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